Hearing aids require a lot of power and energy. For this reason, zinc air batteries are most often used because they produce a large amount of energy despite their very light weight.

Each hearing aid requires a specific battery size and, thanks to customer feedback, companies have now adopted a universal system to help customers better remember and match their battery with their aid. Hearing aid battery sizes can now be identified on all battery manufacturers' packaging using the following colors:

> Yellow - Size 10 (230).

> Orange - Size 13

> Brown - Size 312

> Blue - Size 675

Battery Tips

> Always keep hearing aid batteries away from children and pets.

> Never place or carry batteries near metal objects such as coinage as it may cause them to short-circuit, which can cause leakage or explosion.

> Zinc air batteries have a peel-off tab that exposes the battery to air. The tab should only be removed when the user is ready to replace the battery, because putting the tab back on has no effect since the battery has already been activated.

> To maximize the life of your hearing aid battery, it is best to read all literature and manuals to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.