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We are one of the leading hearing and speech related solution providers in the country characterized by one of the best Infrastructures and qualified staff. Utilizing one of the best and latest technologies available we exclusively give a “tailor made” solution of your hearing and speech problem.The quality of hearing aid fitting and speech therapy techniques are of International Standards.

What makes us unique and special are our services that are rated by our clients. The customer satisfaction being our main motto, we work towards our aim with great enthusiasm and passion. We are the true believers of work is worship philosophy and carry out our activities with the same belief in mind.

Following are characterisitics features that you will witness at Perfect hearing's premise:

To make our customers more comfortable we have tried to buid an environment that makes the visitor comfortable. With fully air conditioned clinic and basic amenities like water cooler, refresh room and car parking space are we have tried to built an homely infrastructure.

Literature on new hearing aids has been made available in reception area which can be used by the visitors to read various kinds of informative literatures regarding hearing care.The 1400 square-feet clinic has its own reception, two waiting areas, two hearing-aid fitting rooms, two speech therapy rooms, one BERA room, one conference room, state-of-the-art international standard ”Acoustic sound treated Chamber“ and also one diagnosis room.

Things such as batteries, battery testers, drying units and ear protection devices are on display at the reception.

We diagnose the specific nature of your hearing loss and recommend the best course of action for you. Our team members consists of audiologists, speech language pathologists and Hearing Aid Professionals who have a combined experience of more than 15 years of diagnosis of hearing loss, hearing aid-dispensing, speech therapy and diagnosis. All of them undergo ongoing training to improve their knowledge of hearing care and technology. Their level of expertise and experience is our strength.

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